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  1. question about International Card

    Good morning, I´m from Spain, but this summer I was in Brasil, there I made a International card Hostel, then my question is if this card is valid here in Europe, and exactly for Ostello Venezia. Thank you!

  2. Dear Sir ,
    Ostello Venezia accept all members of the International Youth Hostel Association ( IYHF) .
    Please check your card and see you soon in Venice ,
    kindly regards
    The Staff

  3. Hostelling International Card

    Hi, my question is this: I have the Hostelling International card (Hi Hostel). I would like to know if I can use this card to book 2 beds in Ostello Venezia. Thanks!

  4. Hello! We are a IYHF – HI Hostel so you can use your card . For information about availability , prices and reservation check our website , where you can book beds paying only a 10% deposit.

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