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San Marco Area

It is quite obvious, but when in Venice one simply has to include a visit to San Marco square, located in the heart of the city and one of the most beautiful sites of the world. Visit the San Marco Basilica, a wonderful example of Byzantine architecture, inspired by the Church of the 12 apostles of Istanbul . The construction began in 1063, and we suggest you to take the full tour of the place: the mysterious crypt, the amazing mosaics, and the terrace overlooking San Marco square.

Right next to the Basilica, you will find the Palazzo Ducale, or rather the Doge’s Palace where he resided during the Serenissima Republic. This was the fulcrum point of power in Venice and the façade overlooking the Grand Canal is an international gothic masterpiece where inside you can find the real treasures and countless artworks. The Giant’s Room, the Maggior Consiglio Room and the Crucifixion of St Julia by Hieronymus Bosch are only few of the things that will leave you breathless! In front of the Doge’s Palace lies the beautiful San Marco bell tower, the tallest building in town and one of the tallest bell towers in all of Italy (98.6 meters). We recommend that you take the elevator to the top of the tower where you will overlook all of Venice- from the outer Laguna to the Alps. San Marco square is considered to be very low – meaning that in case of “acqua alta” (flooding) most of the square will be underwater, even during regular rainfalls at times, so while the Municipality provides planks to walk above the water level, always pack a pair of rain boots to take advantage of walking around Venice! Acqua alta may be a drag for Venetians, but it is a wonderful “show” for tourists!

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