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Things to do in Venice

Vogalonga in Venice

1974, St. Martin’s Day. It all began with some friends that had organized a regatta involving “mascarette”, a particular kind of Venetian boat. Since that day, more than 30 years ago, the fans of this sport have gathered together to celebrate the city and its traditions and to protest against the motorboat-generated swell. The competition [...]

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The Venice Carnival

The month of February unleashes the “Carnevale“, which is one of the most famous carnivals in the world.  It is a lively, colorful event that involves the whole city while maintaining Venice’s ancient elegance and charm with the hundreds of hand-decorated masks that take over the city. The best days to enjoy the carnival and [...]

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Venice Facts

Tired of museums, history and beautiful paintings? Here are some fun facts about Venice!
The city was founded by people who were escaping Attila’s invasion – the Huns despised going near water!
When two houses are linked by an arch – that’s a sign that the same family owned them both. You may also see beautiful marble [...]

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The Redentore

The third Sunday of July is dedicated to the Redentore Celebration. It is a highly valued holiday whereby Venetians commemorate the construction of the Redentore Church, built as a vow for Venice’s liberation from the Plague in the 16th century. During that Saturday evening, row boats, motorboats and ships of all kinds and sizes invade [...]

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“Bacari” trip

What do Venetians love? Good food, good wine and chatting with friends. They can find all this during what they call a “giro dei bacari”, a truly authentic Venetian ritual. A “bacaro” is a traditional venetian osteria, which is like a bar with appetizers, where for a few Euros you can get “un’ombra de vin” [...]

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Historical Regatta

The Historical Regatta is one of the most awaited events in Venice. The first Sunday of September, a historical acquatic parade takes place along the Grand Canal: it is the commemoration of the parade held in 1489 to welcome the Queen of Cyprus (she was Venetian, of course). The parade includes about a hundred typical [...]

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