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Things to do in Venice

“Bacari” trip

What do Venetians love? Good food, good wine and chatting with friends. They can find all this during what they call a “giro dei bacari”, a truly authentic Venetian ritual. A “bacaro” is a traditional venetian osteria, which is like a bar with appetizers, where for a few Euros you can get “un’ombra de vin” (literally, a “shade” of wine, meaning a glass) and eat a “cicchetto” (in dialect, meaning a traditional appetizer). This is what we consider to be “bar hopping“, but it must be done standing up the whole time to be sure that you don’t stop after one round.

The “giro dei bacari”, or bacari trip, may include several different bacari – depending on your alcohol tolerance! The best part is that you meet new people along the way. For those who do not like wine (Shame on you! just kidding..), it is also possible to enjoy the typical venetian apertif, the “spritz” made of Prosecco or a little white wine, soda, and either Aperol, Bitter with an olive in the mix!

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