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Things to do in Venice

Historical Regatta

The Historical Regatta is one of the most awaited events in Venice. The first Sunday of September, a historical acquatic parade takes place along the Grand Canal: it is the commemoration of the parade held in 1489 to welcome the Queen of Cyprus (she was Venetian, of course). The parade includes about a hundred typical rowing boats in true Venetian style, rowed by sailors dressed in 15th century costumes: a great way to live a day in the splendor of the Serenissima Republic. Along the Grand Canal, there are also hundreds of spectators who cheer enthusiastically for the rowing competition that is held after the boat parade, where the best rowers in town race for the title of “King of the Oar”.
If rowing is your thing, we suggest you join the festivities at the non-competitive Vogalonga, in May. It is a 30-kilometer regatta, rowing competition, where with just a minimal amount of training, even you can participate and enjoy the wonders of Venetian lagoon!

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